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iPhone Travel Apps

  • Airbnb - short term lodging marketplace
  • Cheap Gas! - find the cheapest gas in your area
  • GasBuddy - search for gas prices and find cheap gas
  • Hipmunk - find cheap flights and hotel deals
  • Hopstop - get public transit, walking and taxi directions
  • Kayak - search flights, hotels and car rentals
  • TripAdvisor Local Picks - restaurant picks by locals
  • TomTom US & Canada - navigation and driving directions on the iphone
  • Transit - departure times and real-time app for bus, subway and metro
  • TripAdvisor - travel info and reviews from tripadvisor on iphone
  • Travelocity TravelTools - trip status, flight delays, wait times and more
  • Zipcar - zipcar car rentals on iphone

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